Handmade fonts available as high detailed downloadabel vetors for your projects are now on the way by fisforfonts. Serif, stencil, retro or sans they have all what you were searching for. Done with love the glyphs have a special character and some of them are combined in families which are more or less used looking.

We made an interview with the leading professional Christopher James.

How did you start the project?
I started the project through an inability to find typefaces with a painted feel that when enlarged to a larger size retain the detail I required. This is partly due to the restraints of font tools when creating a workable font.
How do you produce them?
To get around this I decided that after the painting stage I would keep each typeface as a vectored file, allowing the detail to remain and letting the user manually place each character to create words. Much like hand setting type on a printing press.  Each typeface does come with a lesser detailed writable .otf and .ttf file as well though.
What inspires you?
On the side I’m a graphic designer for the fashion industry so I get inspired by the trends that emerge through that such as the recent industrial and collegiate stories. I’m also excited by experimenting with different materials and mediums to get the final effects, it’s fun to get away from the computer and make some creative mess.
How many fonts are planed?
I’ve got plans to add lot’s more, although the process for each new typeface has increased quite a lot since I decided to create multiple sets for each one. This is so that when you write something you can reduce using the same character which gives the game away.
Who is using your fonts?
The great thing about the internet is that I’m selling them all around the world so it’s exciting to think what the end use will be.
More and more unique loking fontfamilies are gonna be searched by lots of people around the world within this great pool of digital typefaces. On f is for fonts you can find some of them. We are very looking forward for more fonts in the future.
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