About Us

History of typostrate

Typostrate was found in 2011. The idea came up to make a simple blog about typography and to look at what happens with it. After having posted the first 200 image posts in 2011 I was asked to get on board with the tumblr typography division. That was the moment the blog started to become bigger. Lately with the beginning of 2013 the posts got more informational for having more quality than quantity. At the end of 2013 we decided to make a real and awesome site out of this blog, And the story goes on…

The Versions


1st Version



2nd Version



3rd Version



The Mission

The mission since the beginning of typostrate, was to create a site which shows the passion and power of typography to the world. Typostrate tries to reach as many people as possible on the planet and show them that typography is not only a niche product or a sublevel of graphic design. Typography is our own world and we take you on the journey through this adventure. Enjoy our site and spread the love for typography to your friends and family.