Today, we are glad to introduce you with Adam Nirmaier.

Nirmaier is a self-taught, 29-year-old, High School Art Teacher and freelancer who resides in a rural Wisconsin town 45 minutes from Minneapolis, MN. Adam has been creating custom charcoal portraiture for 10 years and design for a year and a half. As a teacher, he has had numerous award-winning students, was awarded Wisconsin’s “Art Teacher of the Year,” and has also spoken multiple conferences including the “National Art Education Association National Conference” in New York City.

After the passing of his Mother 2 years ago he devoted all free time outside of learning software like Adobe Illustrator and recently, Procreate. “Teaching myself Illustrator and Procreate was a way of grieving from the loss of my Mother. She always wanted me to do more with my artwork growing up and since her passing, I’ve been more motivated than ever and focusing on learning and freelancing. To me, this is a passion, but more importantly, it is a mission for me. A mission to honor my Mom.” 

Since May of 2018, he has discovered a new love, lettering, and custom typography. “I fell in love with this new art form because of Scotty Russell’s (Founder of @perspectivepodcast) podcast and because of Matt Dawson(@Staygrayponyboy). I reached out to Matt via Instagram and he gave me so much value and courage that I knew it was time to share the work I had been secretly making. I owe it all to those two! They gave me the confidence I needed during a really hard time of my life. Also, I need to thank my coworker and mentor Mary Lewien, without her I would truly be lost.” 


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