Is there a better way to communicate a new typeface with designing an egg cup? Monotype has released it’s new type family “between” designed by Akira Kobayashi. As the name says this typeface is something in between making applications adaptable and flexible. Expertly poached, boiled and scrambled Between 1 push towards the more technical 20th century. While Between 2 strikes the balance between friendly and high legible. Between 3 at least goes into the more handwritten direction. Combining all three shows that Monotype has realized a trend going on, where you can’t only make on a typeface to fit the needs of the design industry today. There has to be a between solution which is nowhere to create something eggs-traordinary.

Monotype between 5 Monotype between 6 Monotype between 7 Monotype between 2 Monotype between 3 Monotype between 4


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