Adrian Frutiger hasn’t thought about a better name for his typeface invented for Deberny & Peignotaus in 1957. Ver neutral and fitting to each content, let’s say universal was the mission of this font. The range goes from 21 faces from 39 Thin Ultra Condensed to 93 Ultra Black Oblique, what was also new to this time because typographer only designed 3-4 faces max. Today the univers has 28 faces and everybody is still loving to work with. Otl Aicher won a price for using the font during the Olympia 1972 commercials and communications. We can say tht unvers is a timeless classic fontface usable in many variants and always a good alternative to Helvetica.

Adrian Frutiger

adrian frutiger

The Univers in use

univers 1 Univers 2 Univers 3 Univers 4Univers 8Univers 14 Univers 5Univers 7

Univers 15 Univers 6

Univers 11

Download it here >

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