Today with Diamond and Willow, an Instagram profile of Bonnie Peters, an artist who presently likes to paint with watercolor and a multitude of lettering mediums. Combining the two happens often.

Bonnie designs not only the lettering layout but incorporating art that will compliment or embellish it, this keeps things fun and exciting for her while she is working.

Bonnie, tell us about yourself :

I enjoy sharing my passion for what I’m doing at any given moment, on Instagram @diamondandwillow and have just recently started a website.

There, my hope is to share even more of my creative side with others, maybe more so in the form of writing, as journaling has always been another part of my life practice. It is, however, in the very early stages.

I have begun teaching in-person classes this past year and enjoy seeing the light bulb moments, that they too, can create great things with practice.

My task at hand is sharing the wealth of ideas I have in my head, making them tangible for others to see, understand and enjoy that fuels me.

I am currently a contributor to Penultimate Magazine and part of a four-person design team for Kelly Creates, so that also allows me a venue to practice that.

Teaching others is only one aspect. I enjoy being on the other end, eager to take classes and learn from others, gaining new ideas and perspectives along the way.


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