Alejandro Paul is one of the greatest typographer of our time from Buenos Aires, Argentinia. As one of the founders of Sudtipos, a typography collective and as an art director, he handles clients like Arcor, Procter & Gamble, SC Johnson, Danone and so on. In addition Ale shifted his efforts to typeface design, creating fonts and lettering for several top packaging agencies, along with commercial faces. Here are the questions that interested us.

How did you came to typography?
Typography was always the most important resource while beeing a packaging designer. I found that the commercial fonts where not enough for new products, so I started to create new ones.

What especially do you love in typography?
I love the craft, the details on it and of course I love to see them used by other people.

Can you tell us about your way of designing?
I have different ways but the one I prefer is read, study, think and start to design. I spend too much time reading about history, understanding how technology changed the craft. When there is a custom project I listen to the clients needs first.

What tools do you use for the design process?
Books, pencils, paper, Fontlab.

Where do you get inspired of? What are your idols?
The more I learn about typography the more I want to study. I love the commercial lettering artist from first part of S.XX, the victorian era typefaces and ornamentation and of course the masters of calligraphy from Spain, France, UK or US. As I traveled to some latin american countries, I found inspiration in the streets, the painted walls, the clothes, the colors an so on.

What is your favourite typeface?
There are a lot that I love but I especially love Bickham Script. From my own stuff a font, I enjoyed too much working on was Affair, but I think Burgues Script is the one that really helped me grow in type. Also Piel Script because I think this is open to more markets and something different than the mainstream. In the end from the last releases RollingPen, this is my favourite because it is simple but powerful and I love to do the collateral material with neons.

Please finish the sentence: “In an ideal world, typography to me would be…”
… seriously respected by graphic designers.

Did you ever had crisis or problems in your daily design life and how did you solve them?
Well, sometimes I feel that doing typefaces everyday is a boring routine but when I look outside the window, I feel lucky to work and at least do what I love. Which work is no routine? I have been traveling around the world thanks to typography.

What is the most joyous or most attractive part of typography for you?
When I receive good vibes from people I admire and when I see somebody using my fonts in a better way I ever imagined.

What comes next?
Who knows? I am in the search of happiness.

Thanks to Ale Paul for this awesome interview and the interesting and inspiring answers and thanks to Daniel Bericuá for the picture. We hope to have inspired you as well. Every design made with hapiness and joy is a good design. Keep on beeing creative!

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