This week we asked Jackson Alves typedesigner and calligraphy specialist from Curitiba, Brazil to make an interview with us. He is a master of traditional calligraphy and celebrates playing with words and letters like there is no other morning.

What is your artistic background?
After some years of working as a graphic designer I was looking for new techniques to improve my work and,inspired by some friends, I decided to study typography.

What do you love most on calligraphy?
I love the free expression of the calligraphy mixed with the quest to master the tools. I love also the eternal search of perfection on the most little details.

Can you tell us something about your way of designing?
Everything I create starts with research and study. I’m always studying and researching, so for some works I don’t need to do a research because I have already done it some time ago. This makes the work faster.

What tools do you use for your calligraphy artworks?
I use a lot of tools, I love to try different ones. Because of the practicality I use the automatic pens most of time, but I think the most beautiful work are made with brush.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Traditional books about calligraphy and following the work of masters who I admire through the social medias. When I’m studying some techniques, I end up having ideas for my works.

What is your favourite typeface?
I like some geometric typefaces like Klavika of Eric Olson, but my favourite typeface is Sloop, by Richard Lipton, although I never use it as typeface, I always use it to inspire me.

Please finish the sentence: “In an ideal world, typography to me would be…”
In an ideal world, typography would be like music, and the people who design types should earn like rockstars 😛

Did you ever had crisis or problems in your daily design life?
In the beginning of my designer career I had problems with my bank account, I didn’t have many clients, I didn’t earn well but I had a lot of bills to pay.

What is the most joyous part of typography for you?
Certainly when I see the project finished and in use.

What comes next?
To keep practicing calligraphy, mastering the tools and producing a lot. Maybe one day hold an exhibition and give a workshop in europe or USA.

Thanks to Jackson Alves for this inspriational interview. I hope you designers and typographers out there are getting inspired by his work and statements. So keep on going and be creative.

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