The young designer, letterer and architect Kiss Miklos from Budapest, Hungary is currently worldwide famous for his awesome identity works with typography. We had the chance to interview him and ask some questions which interested us most. Here they are!

What is your artistic background?
All my life I used to go to art schools instead of a normal school, and I majored in fine arts at university.

What do you love most in type?
I love experimenting and coming up with new things that people will hopefully enjoy looking at.

Can you tell us about your design method?
It’s a long process sometimes it takes weeks. Everything starts in my head, I am a very conceptual person. Then I continue with experimenting while drawing by hand. I don’t start working in Illustrator, until I develop something I really like while drawing.

What tools do you use for the daily work?
It’s basically what I said before, I always start by drawing so pen and paper, all as important as my computer and Adobe softwares.

Where do you get inspired of?
I live with an open mind, everything and anything interests me. I keep myself updated by looking at design publications and also very often misunderstand things.

What is your favourite typeface?
Generally I really like the serif typefaces.

Please finish the sentence: “In an ideal world, typography to me would be…”
…the only thing I need to survive.

Did you ever had crisis in your daily design life?
I think designing a way of overcoming a problem, giving a solution for a problematic situation.

What is the most joyous or most attractive part of typography for you?
I enjoy creating something people love.

What comes next?
Hopefully ten billion pounds into my bank accout.

Thanks to Kiss Miklos for having a small insight in your daily work. We hope the interviews with great designers and type artists inspire you creative workers ou there and help you understand that sometimes you have to work hard and sometimes you simply have to go for it!

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