We are really excited to showcase Craig Black latest project named ‘Barcelona’ in collaboration with design festival OFFF and Barcelona based beer brand Moritz.


OFFF Design Festival hosts innovative and international talents to share their insightful experiences. It’s the key meeting point for all creative talents around the world to unite and collaborate in Barcelona.

OFFF teamed up with festival partners and beer brand Moritz by collaborating with event speaker and lettering artist Craig Black to produce an eye-catching lettering installation at the festival. OFFF attendees and the Barcelona community witnessed a live painting session in the OFFF Outdoor Fun Zone by Craig customizing the iconic 600 car model showcasing Moritz’ values and modern senses mixed with OFFF’s endless creative vibes during the festival’s duration.

The lettering design for ‘Barcelona’ was first hand-lettered in pencil on paper to be then brought in to digital to fit the scale of the car. The concept was then transferred on to the car using a carbon transfer technique to then hand paint the lettering and various illustrative markings using various paint pens. The design was inspired by the vibrancy and excitement of the festival and Barcelona as a whole. The design became a landmark throughout the festival for attendees and the public alike.

Quote from Craig Black – Lettering Artist
“It was incredible to be a part of this amazing design festival as an event speaker and live painting artist. To be able to create a lettering installation on the iconic 600 car was a fantastic experience and it was thoroughly enjoyable to work with OFFF and Moritz to bring this concept to life. What excited me most was the interaction with the attendees of the festival and the public while I was painting the car. The response was incredible and it was great to see how it puts a smile on people’s faces.

As much as it was enjoyable, I did run into some certain challenges such as the rain on day one which delayed the painting and therefore I had to ask for some help from the amazing Tina Touli and friends to help me get it over the line in time. In all, it was a fantastic project to work on.”

Quote from Nathalie Koutia – OFFF Communications Director
“Craig did a wonderful job on painting the Moritz famous 600 car. From the feedback, we had in person and on social media, everyone really enjoyed watching Craig bring this concept to life, it was certainly a highlight of this year’s festival”

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