Today, at our Instagram Typography recommendation, we are glad to introduce Jeremy a.k.a Simka. Simka has been practicing the art of lettering since middle school, over 15+ years.
First, he doodled on the tables at school, then on his notebooks during class, on his friends’ binders, on the agenda. He eventually moved on to other urban mediums; street art was his world for 7 years. It opened up his mind to art history, architecture, comics and so on.
Simka doesn’t have a specific approach or preference: he likes to try, miss and start again.
He feeds on all that he encountered on a daily basis. He thinks it’s the most important thing in his life: open your eyes, raise your head, look around, immerse yourself in modern architecture, an old object, a storefront, a movie poster, an art exhibit, before letting my imagination go wild.

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Simka Bold

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