Artsac is a backpack brand that looked to create a new sub-brand, something a little different and aimed at a younger audience. Alex Fowkes spent 4 weeks at their studio in Guangzhou China developing what would become Artsac Workshop. Alongside with their Creative Director they created the brand story and identity for the brand. Workshop became a brand that puts design at its heart and showcases a designer or an artists work on the products themselves. After the 4 weeks Alex created some very beautiful backpacks with a nice typogrpahy / lettering pattern on their PU leather bases with a special 20inch huge embossing plate technique. In the end he got a very cool and practical design, combined with colors. The inner was also printed with a typography pattern which rounds up the design. The backpacks were shown on different shows like in Miami, Las Vegsas and London and earned great attention. At least it is stockes at ASOS.



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