Banksy is in New York, have you seen him? Who is this guy the media is talking about? Born in the UK, don’t knwo where, don’t knwo how, he is one of thegreatest streetart heroes alive. His characteristica is the communication guerilla on the steets where he celebrates political themes and society errors.

He shows them to the public and make them think about some situations, covering directly or indirectly our lives. Often he is working for good projects like greenpeace is doing. Galleries, films or even books are wrote by and of his work and manner. The New York Museum of Modern Art is hanging some works of him and some other big named references. Coming form nowhere, he is now designing the streets of New York. Typography is in this case a useful weapon to fastly express his ideas on the walls. That’s why we wanted to show you that not only the style is important but also the use of it. Have a nice sunday and enjoy these inspirations!

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