We have seen a lot of typography objects in our daily life, but this time we spotted something new. The work of Stephanie de Armond designer and cermaic specialist from Minneapolis, USA. Her work explores language – taking slang phrases, colloquialisms, and snippets of conversation and abstracting them into sculptural form where meanings are revealed and obscured through typography and letterforms.

“Stephanie makes ceramic sculpture and installations that combine the honesty of traditional craft and its methods with a sly humor that places her work in a thorughly contemporary context. Her use of text and illustration betrays an often macabre sense of reality that suggests mundanity may be aggression in disguise.” Diana Kim.

At some point her attraction for typography combined with music switched into a deeper frame thinking within typographic forms. So she began experimenting with lids referencing a letterform and several objects getting to a sentence. Inspired by Jenny Holzer and her work with sentences as objects she came to the idea creating ceramics with type. WAtch the results!



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