Shauna from Fair Goods came to me with this very cool inspiration. Fair Goods sells not only typefaces but also Living and Fashion things like curated selection of accessories, housewares, apparel, decor, and type (including goods made using type in both overt and subtle ways).

Some of their products are things they have created with makers, some are things they have made theirselves, and some are existing products they even love.  Fairgoods is about putting the maker at the forefront, and documenting the process of how things are made. It’s about letting the customers into the process, into the work itself — and celebrating it.

Therefore they asked four of their favorite type guys — Ale Paul, Neil Summerour, Corey Holms, and Grant Hutchinson — to create a hand-lettered T-shirt for TypeCon 2013. Each shirt reflects their individual style and personality. It’s a little bit of them, on you (but not in a creepy way).

Check out the store here!

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