are three graphic designers, Claudio Beretta, Gabriele Cecere and Simone Giorgio, with the passion of lettering. They decided to start to draw, write and print our letters everything by hand, because they believe in the power of the people and not only the power of computers.

THE PROJECT started with the aim to preserve traditional typography in the digital era. The designs are focused on the study of the letterform and are realized with different styles and techniques. Inspired by antique books, calligraphy, graffiti and comics, AndType draw and print letters taking care of the project in the smallest details.

Every job is handmade; but there is the possibility to digitalize it so it can be used in the new media. Creating customized lettering for book covers, advertising, corporate identities, brands, videos, etc., they also offer workshops about printing, typographic design, engraving and calligraphy. They believe that some technique are not obsolete, and love to use that old technique< with a modern “dress”  Starting to travel around north italy to find some moveable type and letterpress machines from old typography, they started to build their own workspace.

We love their project and idea of spending time with real materials on real letterpress machines for making something unique and awesome.



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