Handmadefont is the biggest playground and also the biggest company for real handmade fontfaces. The two brothers Vladimir and Maxim Loginov found the estonian company in 2008. Interested in developing selfmade fonts they started with some funny everyday life objects. While getting more and more attention they began to grow internationally. Today they are featured in many commercial ads, like that of Sloggi here or on magazine covers showing Rihanna at the same time. Even the egg font was made with 1000 egs an 10 pans with oil. It took at least 3 hours and 5 burnt fingers to complete the font. This full body commitment must be honored. Just follow them and buy some amazing, funny fonts for your next project.


handmadefont 1 handmadefont 2handmadefont 5 handmadefont 3handmadefont 6  handmadefont 7 handmadefont 8

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