Urban art has came to a whole new level since Banksy invented his social critizising wallpaper artworks and Odeith his 3D street installations. With this trend came also an amazing idea like the hanging typography made by Switzerland-based French visual artist Stéphane Koyama-Meyer alias Traz. He is combining used materials such as plastic, metal, aluminium and mostly uses their given colours to make up his messages inspired by poems and sayings from great hiphoppers and philosophers of our time. His work can be seen mostly in Basel where he lives. And the best, as we graffitti based designers think, it is not really illegal, because he recycles materials and at least he only crafts a mobile out of the cutted words.


hanging typography 3

hanging typography 9 hanging typography 8 hanging typography 7 hanging typography 6 hanging typography 5  hanging typography 2 hanging typography 1

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