Le message secret is collaboration 300m2 calligraffitti wall project organized by Pole Magnetic Street Art Bordeaux and made by Monkey Bird Said Dokins. This work creates a relationship between geometry and text as a poetic knowledge. In one hand, Monkey Bird with their Stencils, alludes to the ancient ‘platonic solids’ and creates a series of unfinished characters like ‘guardians of knowledge’. In other hand, Said Dokins, use his own calligraphy style and medieval letters to talk about the idea of eternal return, inscribing texts that refer to the possibilities and limitations of philosophy and the importance of the text as a legacy of the consciousness through time. These reminiscences of the old antique prints of Wenzel Jamnitzer, Renaissance statuary and medieval forms of calligraphy and the appearance of unfinished buildings or in ruins, creates several reflections about our human condition, where the awareness and knowledge are in a state of permanent construction.

Le message secret 1 Le message secret 2 Le message secret 3 Le message secret 4 Le message secret 6 Le message secret 7 Le message secret 8


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