The members of the “Buchstabenmuseum” society have made it their business to keep those old signs, which formerly have given public space its determined appearance, as pieces of an exhibition “alive”. At the moment the museum is moving to a new location. On 12/6/2013 at 7pm the new home for the letters will be inaugurated near the Alexanderplatz. Regular exhibition starts on 12/7/2013. The signs have been partly donated but have also very often been saved from scrapping etc. by the society members, after negotiating with the respective owners. New members, donated money and photos of signs, independent of languages and scripts, along with contacts to the owners are welcome. Further on the museum still is in need of a final location.

Copyright of photos:

  • 1 Peter Kloser
  • 2 Michael Setzpfandt
  • 3 Ralf Hiemisch
  • 4-10 Peter Kloser

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