This week my girlfriend came to me with a wonderful hand-lettered artwork made by Frau Ottilie. Frau Ottilie is a small handcraft label founded 2013 in Mainz, Germany by marketing specialist Sebastian Müller and Andrea Werner, the creative designer, and illustrator. While the amount of paper products has risen during the last three years, their collection includes some interesting folded cards, art prints, and posters. Specially made for children, they put a lot of effort and love into their illustrations. Here are some nice hand-lettered and playful prints showing quotes like “you are walking right in front of me with brave and big steps and behind you, it’s me with wiggly steps. When I fall you help me stand up. You are the greatest sister in the world.” and “Live long and get far. Dream big and take your time to be what you are – so wonderful.” The main image above is hanging on our wall and we are going to buy some others till our wall is full of dreams, hopes, and amazing typography.

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