Whilst experimenting with numeral styles for a project a completely inappropriate art deco style emerged. Superfried had also just started dabbling with C4D and the simple geometric forms. Having designed the 2D umerals it was a next step to bring them to 3D life. In-keeping with the style of the lettering it was important that 3D forms did not become too complex and that the materials used felt suitably clean. The result is a mix of polished black resin and coloured/ illuminated glass provided an elegant combination. In addition vibrant, internal pin-strip planes were employed to reinforce the signature glass colour.

Numero Deco 1

Numero Deco 12 Numero Deco 11 Numero Deco 10 Numero Deco 9 Numero Deco 8 Numero Deco 7 Numero Deco 5 Numero Deco 4 Numero Deco 3 Numero Deco 2



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