Paper State Flowers is a nice project form two designers from Minnesota, Ellen Schofield and David Rogers. In order to make a step back from our heavily digital environment and collaborate on tangible work, they created something handmade. Every state in the US has an official state flower and this became our focal point—the flower and the state’s two letter postal abbreviation. Using a bright palette of cover weight paper, Ellen created the geometric-based flowers and I designed custom letterforms. Together we wove our pieces into 50 multi-dimensional compositions (one for each state). Throughout the series we’ve been experimenting with laser cutting technology as well as more traditional hand-cutting techniques. With this project we’ve been exploring how paper transforms into a design medium itself, transcending its use as just substrate for design to be placed upon. Could you find out which flower fits to which state? If not just visit their site to get a view over all.


paper state flowers 11paper state flowers 1 paper state flowers 2 paper state flowers 3 paper state flowers 4 paper state flowers 5 paper state flowers 6 paper state flowers 7 paper state flowers 9 paper state flowers 10  paper state flowers 12

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