While watching a TV show last week about the raise of the post costs for letters, I recognized an interesting company, that in the modern times is specialized on letter writing. Not letter writing as in china or at home, but a letter writing with awesome calligraphy and handmade scripts. After that show I had to contact them and after some days they called back ready for an interview. I talked to the chief officer Mr. Thomas Petzold about his ideas, inspirations and of course Schreibstatt. By the way the typostrate calligraphy logo is a special manufacture. Thank you very much Schreibstatt!

What is Schreibstatt?

Founded in february 2013 Schreibstatt is a small letter company which is sending personalized letters to friends, family and colleagues. Every address on the cuverts is handmade and written with real ink for a wonderful conversation. Over 50 writers are writing more than 3000 texts per day.

What styles do they offer?

Emotions are the secret, therefore they have special calligraphers who write with a very awesome script. Handmade letters are rare and why not let someone write it with an even more beautiful hand lettering than you?

What is important for being a writer at Schreibstatt?

Three things are important. Speed, the script and concentration. If you like to write more than 5 letters per hour you need to be very fast. The script must be readable and of course in a wonderful, suitable way to the inducement. At least concentration is so important, because a small fault means to repeat the whole letter. After writing 5 letters after another, the writers are called on making a break.

And what happens when I like to have a letter in another language?

That is no problem! At Schreibstatt are working a lot of native speakers from around the globe who can write a individual letter in short time with all the exceptions a language has. It’s important that they are very used to the language to serve the flow of the writing and the knowledge of turned questions marks at the beginning of sentences for example.

So what do I have to do to get a handmade letter for a friend?

You have to find the fitting hand script and you can choose the right paper and pencil color for it on schreibstatt.de. But do you have the right words? Here Schreibstatt could help you with funny statements, serious classicals or stylish elegant texts for old and young, always after your favour.
A nice layout is the finalization and of course to consider spelling and grammar.

Wow, after hearing all these informations, we love this service. It brings a little bit of love for typography with calligraphy and handwritten letters to people back in these days. Today we are still writing letters from our holidays, but since the modern E-Mails we had written no more letter to a friend or family member. If you like to surprise someone with a very nice maybe christmas card or letter just write to Schreibstatt, they will surely help with some awesome lettering!

Photos made by Silke Mayer / SCHREIBSTATT.

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