Lasalle College of Arts wanted to attract students of all artistic interests; from painting to typography and much more. The tricky part was how to stand out in a small city/country where competition is strong with many other art colleges around.

Being an art college, it made sense for us to be inspired ourselves. From research, we discovered three iconic people that had made inspirational, art-related quotes. They are insightful and probably something that not many people know or would’ve heard of. And the fact that Lasalle is the first to introduce these quotes automatically positions the college as one that truly values art and all the doors it can potentially open for its students.

We brought these iconic figures to life by crafting their respective quotes in a calligraphy style to construct and develop their faces. Faces, which nearly anyone and everyone knows. We chose calligraphy because of the level of detail, effort of craft and overall elegance it offers as a style to help the campaign stand out as
a unique work of art. The call to action to students for each execution is also specific in relating back to the quote being mentioned.

A very nice and thoughtful project dedicated on some great artists. We like it very much. If you do so share and like it with us!



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