Today we stumbled upon an interesting type project on kickstarter made by italian designer and typographer Octavio Pardo from Milan, Italy.

The Tiananmen Font Project is a set of five typefaces to express opposition to the Status Quo. They cover a wide spectrum of potential voices and feelings involved over the lifetime of a protest. The entire project is inspired by the terrible recession that Spain has been suffering recently. However, the name is taken from the Chinese square where more than 2000 protestors were killed by the Chinese government in 1989.

The five typefaces are Strike, Riot, Revolution, Guerrilla & Symbols. Each references a different degree of protest. Strike is a solid sans serif font with open counters. Riot is a quite unconventionally constructed script font, with a reverse stress, and the letters are less angular than expected for the style. Revolution simulates rapid brush-script lettering and there are several versions of each glyph, automatically substituted to avoid unrealistic repetition. At least Guerilla is stencil version of strike and Symbols is a set of dingbat to empower and help express the fonts better.

We backed this project, because we like the great effort which lies behind it and we love it when young typedesigners have the courage to fight with the help of typography for bigger aimes. Please help supporting Tiananmen!

Find the project here »

Image source Asian History



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