What is nicer on a saturday evening than sitting together with friends and playing some card games? These typographic playing cards made by Hat Trick Design from London, UK offer a nice occasion to play with your friends.

Apart from creating the sumptuous set of cards, it turns out that 54 cards fit perfectly on a B2 print sheet, so they created a poster as well, which is simply the cards untrimmed with the border of each card subtly embossed. Thanks to Jim Sutherland for sending us the cards.

The eye magazine said:”“Sutherland creates variation through some ingenious repetitions and superimpositions of type, from an elaborately interlaced Snell Roundhand (8 of spades) to a brutalist Gill Sans Ultra Bold (10 of clubs). The sans serif joker is made of Avant Garde Gothic Medium, the serif one is Didot.”

If you like to have a Deck of them, just go to our typostrate facebook group and win one!



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