Recently we got an email from Swedish multidisciplinary designer Eric Calderon. One of his projects called “Typographic sphere – The art piece that makes art” has sounded so interesting and as a result we present this article about it today.

The sphere is made out of birch wood and has diameter of 20 cm. Eric glued about 2000 laser cut letters onto the sphere. These letters were made of 3mm birch plywood and originate from the “Calvert” and the “Akzidenz Grotesk” typefaces. Those letters were applied in a completely random manner in about 50 hours.

The idea for the sphere was developed by Eric during his research for a book about “the relationship between art, typography and crafts”. During this process he wanted to explore the nature of randomness. He asked himself:” Could I create something that could make the letterpress process much less tedious and more intuitive and random?” We believe, he has succeeded in creating an art piece, which can also be used as tool to “produce” more art.

Please note! Right now the Typographic Sphere is a part of a travelling exhibition young svensk form, which is currently in Hamburg, Germany.



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