Telling the Story of Portuguese Literature in a Typeface

To promote “Tell a Story” (a book shop with wheels that sells translated Portuguese books in several languages as a “postcard” of portuguese culture) the country and its most notorious authors, and to encourage tourists to tell a story about Portugal, they created a new typeface based on these portuguese authors’ calligraphy to inspire everyone to write like them. Either to write a novel or a Nobel, a simple note or the diary of a journey. From A to Z you’ll find the characters of Fernando Pessoa, José Saramago, José Luís Peixoto, Cardoso Pires and Lobo Antunes all combined together in one new handwriting free font: The Writers’ Font. A vowel may have the mild stroke of one author, a consonant might show the strong personality of another, but they are all genuine and pour geniality. Have you ever imagined writing a story with Fernando Pessoa’s “a”, José Saramago’s “b” or Lobo Antunes`s “c”?

Download the font here!

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