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Cosas Cool

Art, design, architecture, typography, photography, a little of everything in
my mind.

cosas cool


Designer in Action

Designer in Action – InfoSite für Kreative. Design-Portal für Design, Gestaltung,
Typografie, Papier, Fotografie, Technik, Kreativbranche und mehr.

designer in action


Nice, beautiful and fast things. That means cars, speedsters, off roaders, bikes, planes and many more.


Graphic Definer

Written by jonathan Howells graphic designer and collector of beautiful creativity things.

graphic definer

Maybe its great

A tumblr dedicated to graphic design & typography curated by
Ricardo Gomes from Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal.

maybe it's great


Serif de Chocolate

Where is the difference between typography and chocolate. You like both sweet  tastes once tried.

el serif de chocolate


The Design Blog

La tipografía a The Design Blog brings you carefully picked high quality
inspiration, featuring works of designers and more.



The World of a graphic designer

Everything you need to know about the life of a Graphic Designer. From the normal workday to the small details of creativity.

the world of a graphic designer



Facts about typography and a simple entry to typography. Understanding typography and learnings about the finesse of type.



Type O Blog

This is a inspirational blog on Typography. Collecting artworks that
can be an inspiration for work.

type o blog



Designboom is a magazine for architecture, designand art news. You can publish your work there and share it with other creatives.



Design Federation

Design Federation is an australian independent creative community planing out in systematic and usually design form.

design federation



Eightsix is a chinese site for design, architecture, interior and illustration. ‘Made in China’ will soon mean created in China.



Designers Brasileiros

Here are some brazilian design inpirations for you featuring graphic and webdesign, tutorials, animation and technology.

designeros brasileros


Ciera Design

Cieras Blog with lots of graphic design and brand identitiy stuff inspired by here creative life!

Ciera Design


Design Playground

Design Playground is a travel in creativity and a indipendent source of inspiration of contemporary culture.

design playground


Kelp is a creative platform with public images of graffiti and urban artists viewed from a more discipline sight.




Graphic Design & Publishing Center

Here you will find all kinds of resources relating to graphics, layout, design, publishing and typography.

Graphic Design & Publishing Center



Dpcted Apparel

Dpcted Apparel is the shirt company with awesome typography statements on Helvetica Bold.



Dein Design

Design Skins with typography, design and other motivs for your iPad, iPhone and other Smartphones.

Dein Design



Silk Screen Printing Stuttgart

The Künstlerhaus (Artists House) Stuttgart offers many interesting creative crafts like
Screen Press, Book Press, New Media, Lithography, Photography and many more.

Kuenstlerhaus Stuttgart



The Design Kids

The Design Kids (TDK) bridge the gap between students and industry within the Australian and New Zealand graphic design community.

the design kids


Inspire First

Creation of itself was inspired by the idea, which finally became our slogan: Sharing Inspiration with the World and that’s what they do.

inspire first


Diego Mattei

Dieago’s Blog is an argentinian graphic design blog with tutorials, news, ressources neccessary and useful for your daily creative work.

diego mattei

I love Ligatures

Daily Type Blog loving not only ligatures but all forms of typography like videos, lettering, calligraphy, serif and sans and more.

I love ligatures

Type & Lettering

Type and lettering is really worth a visit. They show what they promise awesome lettering and interesting typography features.

type and lettering

Macho Dominante

Blog about graphic design in Spain featuring resources, illustrations, events and even an own calendar.

macho dominante


Free Typography

High quality Fonts and a nice informational insight behind the scenes of the type industry, this is what you get from this nice blog.

free typography


Cafeina en Vena

Resource blog for graphic designers, web designers and photographers.

cafeina en vena



Nice offers for young Mommies and Daddies.


Design Dust

Design Dust is a blog about a collection of photography, graphic design,
fashion, architecture and other creative matter.

design dust


Behind the DESIGNLOVR is an atelier creating authentitc and
loveable brands to support confidence and emotions.


Fuck Yeah Tobi Tobsen

Just a bunch of photos, videos, gifs and stuff of shit that we like.
Tobsen is a good friend of us.

fuck yeah tobi tobsen

Schön Hässlich

Blogging design, art, phototgraphy, film, apps and music with digital and
analog origin.


Super Paper

A design issue coming out every month in munich, germany with over 15.000


The Design Nerd

the visual ramblings of an architecture-turned-graphic design student and
Tumblr’s greatest ‘Stache of Design Inspiration.



A blog about visual design, webdesign, deployment and borderlands. Tocki is a good friens of us and a great creative colleague.

Typography Daily

Typography Daily, visit this blog and get your daily dose of typography with awesome prints, posters and more.

typography daily


Typographic and graphic design inspiration. Started parallel with my blog he supports the mission posting typography to the world.



Designby is one of the biggest design and art blogs in Slowakia supporting young artists and professionals.


Design You Trust

Design You Trust is collective publishing design blog, where you can show your wokr to a big creative audience.

design you trust

Staf Magazine

Since 1997 Staf Magazine is a declaration of independence based in Malaga, Spain. Here you find the top news about the spanish pop culture.


The Social Dept.

The t-shirt company made up of man, woman, and cats, specialized in city and state pride with an overall love for good typography and a touch of sarcasm.

the social dept

Design Culture

The Design Blog was created to bring in the best in Design, Culture, Communication, creative actions and various expressions of arts.

design culture

Café com Desenho

Site about the culture of design, cinema, games and videos. Enjoy this site with a smooth cup of coffee.

Café com Desenho

100% Design

A brazilian design blog for everyone who loves art and design. The blog covers various issues and sources of visual inspiration and quality information.

100% design

De volta ao retrô

Brazilian retro culture blog with themes from 1920-1960 like vintage ads and design inspirations.

De volta ao retrô



Diretores de Arte

Specialized on visual communication Diretores de Arte share experiments of professional creatives and students.

Diretores de Arte

Tipografía Digital

Written by Daniel Rodriguez, Typografia Digital is a blog about making, producing and creating with type.

tipografia digital

Fifty Five Hi’s

55 Hi’s is a typography shop with awesome inspirations, prints, limited edition cards, posters and many more.

Fitfty Five Hi's


Lettering Time

All we love typography we devote a considerable time to his knowledge and exercise. Lettering time is the space for that time.

lettering time

Chic Type Blog

Written by Svetlana Bilenkina, Chic Type Blog is an inspiring adress for all typography and design enthusiasts.


Best Tumblr Themes

Check out the best, exclusive and design tumblr themes for your blog experience.



Design you trust

Design you trust is a blog from designers for designers writing about topics like inspirations, architecture, graphic, technology, travel and animals.

design you trust

Image & Websolution

Venezuelan Blog about graphic- and webdesign news, ressources and interesting modern styles.

IWS logo

Woman of Graphic Design

Women of Graphic Design is a project focused on exploring issues of gender-equality in education provided by design institutions and exhibiting the contributions of women in the field of graphic design.


Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language readable and beautiful, that’s what this blog shows.



Printish is a Blog from Denmark posting about graphic design, packaging and print things. Exploring and explainign things without filtering them this Blog shows the beauty of print.



Words for Designers

On this site the world’s greatest graphic designers share their approaches, processes, opinions, and thoughts about their work, speaking frankly and openly about their aspirations and failures. It offers an opportunity to observe and understand the giants of the industry.

Words for Designers



Kraftbier is a very good blogger friend of us posting about craftbeer and beer culture in germany. Very impressing and informative.