As a huge fan of Jazz music and psychadelic tunes of the seventies we spotted two awesome record covers designed in the same style. One was Bitches Brew by Miles Davis and the other Abraxas from Santana. Both are milestones in the history of music and both are designed by one person – Mati Klarwein.

Mati Klarwein was originally coming from Hamburg, germany and for his work he moved to Paris and than to New York. Influenced by surrealism and the psychedelic movement in 1968 he designed creative record covers and painted a lot of interesting canvases. The amount of his artworks are considerable, from Brigitte Bardot to Leonard Bernstein, Richard Gere, Geraldine Chaplin. Robert Graves, Peggy Hitchcock, Nan Kempner, Florence Van der Kemp, Yussef Lateef, Donyale Luna, the Mellon family, Jean Baptiste Mondino, Carmen Rossi, and many more…

Here is the fitting sound from Abraxas – Santana to the post.



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