Instagram is one of the most inspiring social media portals in the world at the moment and everyday we are finding some amazing artworks of young design and typography talents all over the world. Typography is such a nicht we thought that it takes time to see some ideaful results, but it is the contrary. Here are our top 100 Top Instagram Typography Talents and Designer you must follow. To say that each single typographer and designer of the ones we show here has his own style and each account takes a lot of time to visit. So prepare yourself for some big inspiration.

The 77 Top Instagram Typography Talents

1. Matthew Tapia

He is a Hawaii based graphic designer and type talent with some intersting behind the scenes images on his feed.

Matthew Tapia

2. Louise Fili

She is a friend of us and a real typography icon today. Specialized in restaurant and packaging design, she runs her own studio in New York City.

Louise Fili

3. Jordan Metcalf

The designer and typographer living in cape town, south africa makes works you can get lost with and you will never forget.

Jordan Metcalf

4. Erik Marinovich

Erik is a San Francisco based lettering artist and designer, and is a co-founder of Friends of Type.

erik marinovich

5. Jessica Hische

You may recognize her work if you searched for typography in the past. Her style is playful but also very intensive. Lettering is her favourite field and what should we say, she is a real master in it.

Jessica Hische

6. Martina Flor

Letterer and wondermaker as she describes herself from Berlin, germany. Her account is full of typeface goodies.

MArtina Flor

7. Jackson Alves

Letterer, calligrapher and designer from Brazil. This is the kind of profile with the kind of letters that will make your heart melt.

Jackson Alves

8. Keith Tatum

The typehunter Keith Tatum is a curator of vintage ads and a lettering master. His style is about vintage packagings and retro influences.

Keith Tatum

9. Mike Perry

Mike Perry’s feed is very colourful and his handcrafted type reminds us sometimes of the psychadelical age but in a modern way.

Mike Perry

10. Mister Doodle

Msiter Doodle is from Bali and part of the ligature collective. His handdrawn artworks are a mixture of fantastic photography and inspiring quotes.

Mister Doodle

11. El Juantastico

El Juantastico is a professional graphic designer living in Miami, Florida. Inspired by the 80ies his lettering portfolio on Instagram is really interesting. el juantastico

12. Lucas Young

Designer, illustrator, purveyor of nonsense, this is Lucas Young from Toronto. He is slso selling his prints on society6, for real fans.

Lucas young

13. Van honing

Pat Simons, graphic designer and typographer is running visual communication studio Van Honing in The Hague, Netherlands.

van honing

14. Adam Vicarel

Traveler and artist as you can see on his map type works. Lettering is just the medium to connect the world and his love for typography.

adam vicarel

15. Luke Lucas

Luke is a freelance creative, art director, illustrator, designer and typographer living on the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia.

luke lucas

16. Tyrsa

Livign in Paris, france Tyrsa is a ettering genious of the modern times. See his fresh and funky works on this instagram calligraphy channel.


17. Colin Tierney

From Baltimore we proudly present Colin Tierney, specialized in identity & print design, hand lettering and illustration.

colin tierney

18. Will Patterson

Handletterer and Vlogger from the UK and nobody telling the world of somebody with cool lettering artworks.

will patterson

19. Ale Paul

If Studitipos is no subject you know, you will definitely get to learn it because Ale Paul is the founder of this great font shop. Ale Paul loves typefaces and food porn as you can see.

ale paul

20. Dana Tanamachi

Dana Tanamachi-Williams is a Texas-bred, Brooklyn-based graphic designer and letterer who enjoys living a quiet life and working with her hands as you can see here.

dana tanamachi

21. Patrick Cabral

Darkgravity is the instagram portfolio and backstage view of Patrich Cabrals life and typography in Manila, Phillipines.

patrick cabral

22. Neil Secretario

Neil Secretario is a typography talent from California with a focus on elegant and sophisticated type. His Instagram is packed with inspiring typography, right from the initial sketching stage to the final works.

neil secretario

23. Sean McCabe

Inspiring advice about making it in the creative industry, this is the basic of Sean McCabe’s portfolio on instagram.

sean mccabe

24. David Milan

This Typoholic from Mexico is a special talent for transforming words from a cluster of glyphs into something that leaps off the page.

david milan

25. Becca Clason

Playing with all she gets in her fingers, also with food typography. Her profile is a real do it yourself lettering guide.

becca clason

26. Matti Vandersee

Matti is a german graphic designer living in Costa Rica and spending a real relaxed life there as his amazing handworks are showing.

Matti Vandersee

27. Ryan Hamrick

Letterer and Designer with his full heart form Taller, Austin.

ryan hamrick

28. Hendry Juanda

Hendry Juanda is a lettering master from Jakarta, Indonesia. His portfolio is mostly based on instagram.

hendry juanda

29. Ste Bradbury

Graphic design student and type talented youngster from Manchester UK is the next gerneration and presents his work on instagram.

Ste Bradburry

30. Arkadiusz Radek

also known as thisisarcher, lettering artist and designer based in Kielce, Poland.By night he usually takes his favourite calligraphy pens and puts words on paper in original and mesmerizing way.

Arkadiusz Radek

31. Azam Raouf Ramadhan

Coming from Indonesia, born and raised in Surabaya city, his handlettering majesty is showing you some more what Indonesia is doing with letters.

Azam Ramadhan

32. Joan Quirós

Graphic designer with a great pleasure for handlettering and custom calligraphy based in Valencia and also London.

Joan Quirós

33. Mauro Andrés

Lettering artist from Concepción, Chile and an awarded profi. His instagram profile is a must see.

Mauro Andrés

34. Brad Flaherty

Master of visual elements and artistic style working manner, this is his workart and some more lettering what he does next to his job as an art director in La Plate, MD, USA is lettering.

Brad Flaherty

35. Kaligrafina Belajar

Sometimes we ask ourselves why are quite a lot of Lettering artists coming from Indonesia. Maybe there is a great request for the or maybe they just have fun.


36. Drew Europeo

Drew is a photographer and letterer from the Phillipines and with these two skills one of the most successfull instagram typographers.

drew europeo

37. Laura Hopper

We posted on our instagram one lettering video by Laura Hopper and the likes exploded. She is one of the Top letterer in instagram.

Laura Hopper

38. Buffy Anne Summers

To go on with our lettering women, here is one with an own style coming from the Philipines as well.

Kitty Jardenil

39. Belajar Menulis

He is a teacher for custom lettering and a typography talent with a must follow instagram profile.

hendry juanda

40. Sabeena Karnik

Some paper typography and artworks between all those lettering. Sabeena comes from Mumbai with an amazing instagram portfolio.

sabeena karnik

41. Hey Penman

Hawaian lettering on wood, old paper and with interesting pencils and materials. This is the sketchbook of heypenman.


42. John Fhakner

This is John from Madrid, Spain with some very characteristic strokes and brush letterings.

John Fhakner

43. Terence Tang

fom Houston Texas a lettering artist building a brand of meticulously crafted lifestyle products.


44. Emmely Laura

Coming from the Netherlands shes a very young talent with a great spirit for typography.

Emmely Laura

45. Mr Kams

From Calligraphy to Graffitti to Calligraffiti. Mr Kams is one of the guys going out and bringing typography to urban surfaces.

mr kams

46. Jamal M. Aziz

Also from Jakarta Indonesia where sign painting is still a handcrafted job, is coming this amazing portfolio from Jamal.


47. Jennet Liaw

From Portland USA and designing for Nike, here is a real interesting portfolio.

Jennet Liaw

48 Gemma O’ Brien

Gemma encourages artists to make some typogrpahy art on the paper bags you get on flights. But her own workfolio is also a highlight.

gemma o brien

49. Nicholas Moegly

Nicholas produces typetastic artworks with the help of different materials. His layouts are effective crafted and well designed.

nicholas moegly

50. Zachary Smith

Positivity meets authenticity in the works of Zachary whose lettering is a very special one. He doesn’t fear the outdoor and cooperates with his environment.

zachary smith

51. Tobias Hall

Tobias manages hand-crafted designs and digital type. His instagram site gives a backstage view to the processes and lettering ideas.

Tobias Hall

52. Tolga Girgin

Tolga is one of a kind. The style of using shadows in his 3D lettering made him famous on the instagram and typography channels.

tolga girgin

53. Sergi Delgado

Giving high importance to the concept, freedom of expression and the intense public reaction Sergis works feature art, type and graphic design.

sergi delgado

54. Maztrone

Typogrpahy, illustration, lettering, digital art and even animations expect you when you visit his portfolio on instragram.


55. Chris Labrooy

Specialized on 3D using the medium to communicate ideas visually and instantly.

chris labrooy

56. Neil Tasker

When it comes to calligraphy and modern styles it mostly has to be Neil Tasker.

neil tasker

57. Тарас Макаp

On Instagram called Tarasmakar is a graphic designer and black letter cyrillic specialist from Kiew.


58. Niels Shoe Meulman

Maybe the founder of Calligraffiti has a very interesting account, once because his skills are found on the street and twice because he is featuring and travelling a lot to work with different artists.

niels shoe meulman

59. Ash Willerton

Traditional sign writer from Newcastle and always on the run from stone walls to wooden pieces.

Ash Willerton

60. Simon Ålander

As in Sweden it’s not easy to find a letterer and typographer who cna live from his guts. Here is one of them.

simon alander

61. Jesse Bowser

A designer, photographer, and explorer at heart, as a media director he is teaching others and hisself every day.

jesse bowser

62. Novia Jonatan

Novias portfolio is mainly published on instagram and her works are one stroke lettering wonders.

Novia Jonatan

63. Andrei Robu

Good at Logos and typography that’s what expresses the work of Andrei very well. We had an interview some time ago and he is one of the top typographers in the world.

andrei robu

64. Sachin Shah

Sachin is a calligrapher which hopes to inspire more people for the field of calligraphy and his thing. We think his way is the right one and we like to support this.

sachin shah

65. Marc Sirus

Street artist, lettering addict and self taught graphic designer from Montreal with a nice playful manner to type.

Marc Sirus

66. Erik Musin

Freelance tye and grpahic designer from St. Petersburg, normaly used to design logos and Ci’s but his instagram portfolio is a secret tip to explore.

erik musin

67. Joluvian

The Venezuelan freelance graphic designer based in Madrid is swimming between the pure calligraphy works and lettering design.


68. Christina Chahyadi

She is a lettering artist but not as you know it from the brevious talents, she rather designs with pencils and greates amazing effects throught that.

christina chahyadi

69. Yves van Asten

With his instagram my daily brand he is designing every day a brand with lettering. Cool idea s we think.

yves van asten

70. Os Montoya

Coming form Mexico Oscar is a typographer which went to our eyes some years ago and we observed his career a little bit. Today he is a good player int he field of type.

oscar montoya

71. Dangerdust

Some time ago dangerdust made some interesting lettering artworks on blackboards and got famous over night. Their instagram profile offersa  nice insight in their daily life.


72. John Ed De Vera

His philosophy of creativity has so far led to finding new ways to push and innovate his craft, unafraid of learning new things and twisting them in his very own creative way. Lettering with papercut is awesome!

john ed de vera

73. Imelda

She is a young talented lettering artist and stylist in her real life. But we liked her minimal lettering style which lives only from a good idea in combination with some simple requisites.


74. Ruddy Setiawan

Who likes motorbikes, nice tattoos, beer bars and fast cars is on the right side with Ruddy. He is a lettering machine.

ruddy setiawan

75. Rodney Ibarra

Only spotted on instagram this guy is a insider tip from us. His stye is mostly determined by Tombow pencils and Crayolas.

rodney ibarra

76. Gemma Falah

A mixture of vintage styles and apparel lettering with a little backing of oldschool logo craft.

gemma falah

77. André Ueno

Finally a graphic designer from São Paulo with a nice taste for mixing lettering with aquarel colorings.

andré ueno

This is maybe the biggest list of instagram typography talents you can find online. We are excusing all the other thousands of designers out there creating and loving typography. Please feel free to get in touch with us so that we maybe can feature you on our site. Thank you!



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