The six hundred square meter biggest calligraphy artwork in the world on the red october plant roof was made by Pokras Lampas, designer and calligrapher from Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation. While decorating mostly all from walls to human bodies he is a specialist in spontaneous and detailed calligraphy. For the roof he used 730 liters of white paint. The artwork was dedicated to the moments of inspiration and creativity and in deed this had to be a great moment. As he said: “This project breaks records on the complexity and scale in the World. It was a real challenge for me and my team. We designed a brush with an ink surface of 1 meter using four big brooms specifically for this event. We could fail this project many times due to the rains and problems with the delivery of hundreds of liters of paint from another city.” It’s a milestone for typography and even an epic lasting piece of art to show the world that calligraphy is beautiful.

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