Grids are a part of every designers life and they can make your it very stable and comfortable. But what happens if you like to break the grid? Inspired by an article on 99designs here is our answer. The first grid systems were established by swiss designers in the 20th century. In the 80ies the reaction was a rigid grid celebrated by revolutioners like Emigre or Neville Brody. With the beginning of webdesign or coding and it’s mathematical functions, the grid got born new. Here are some nice examples of breaking the grid and going to explore some more design horizons with typography. The first image is showing some stairstepping. The second shows Tilt your text. Than the famous, easy to set in illustrator and indesign wrapping text. While using the edge of the page in image four the next shows enclosed shapes, which can upgrade your book designs very good. Asymetric styles and collages are en vogue since DADA. Last but not least handwritten fonts are always disturbing the symetrical eye and giving the whole face a new dimension, like the blue note in jazz music does. So if you like to know more about grids there is a cool repost on viaprinto blog in german and also on thinking with type in english.

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