A long, long time ago fonts just didn’t emerge on the internet like corn pops in a hot frying pan, but they were designed for special reasons only, like educational reforms, as security features for deeds, other official documents and so on. In 1937 the german “Bauersche Gießerei” (Bauer foundry) released their famous font pedigree for friends and customers to celebrate their hundredth anniversary. There are not so many good and significant Pedigrees in the world, but this is one of the oldest and unique ones ever produced. By the end of the century, after a misjudgement that automation would be in typefounding, rather than typesetting, the Bauer Type Foundry would have collapsed were it not for the commencement of an adventurous type design program under its new owner George Hartmann. Today the Bauer foundry is media centre and harbor for artists and publishers like Lürzer’s Archive an advertising compilation issue with the best adds worldwide coming out every three month. Have fun exploring it!

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