…is not only title of a James Bond movie, but could also be the slogan of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy in Moscow, which was officially opened on August 14, 2008. It exhibits works from masters of calligraphy as well as from hand lettering artists.

About the museum

“…refined specimens of Slavonic and European lettering, the elegant works of the Jewish and Arab calligraphy schools, strict forms of classical Japanese calligraphy, samples of ancient Chinese writing, Russian and foreign books on the art of calligraphy, rare single copy hand-written editions, writing utensils of the past and present, depictions of the history of calligraphy…”.

The International Exhibition of Calligraphy’2014 took place there among other Russian museums. During exhibitions the museum also quite often provides time and space in order to meet the authors of the displayed masterpieces. The museum is also connected to The National School of Calligraphy, which offers courses for adults and kids alike. The first picture, which we took from the museum’s website, shows the I-Ching Signs, a unified composition consisting of 64 individual elements, by Valeryan Bakharev, a graphic artist from Ekaterinburg. The museum is a high recommended place to be for every designer and typographer visiting Moscow.

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