The mission of the signs for the homeless is to raise awareness and help through exchanging hand painted signs, and sharing the narratives of the homeless around thethe world. The project was initiated by Kenji Nakayama & Christopher Hope. They ask the homeles for their background and what theiy aspect of life.

For example Mike aka “The pope Harvard Square” was asked: “How did you become homeless?” He said: “I always did relatively well in life. I was a construction work supervisor. In 2008 I had a mild stroke, and months later was laid off during the economic crash. I have a lot of medical bills, and because I haven’t fully recovered from my stroke, I can’t go back into the construction business again. My health is about 65% back to where it was, and I’m grateful for that. But my poor health hinders me from going back into my trade.”

Giving a communication and a uniqueness a homeless never has in his daily lives with the sign, is an honor we could never imagine. More than money or material things could be, is to be accepted and respected. The simple principles of humanity. We appreciate this project!

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