Nowadays guerilla gardening is on everyone’s lips. A special version of it has aroused our attention: moss typography. Here a specific tincture made of moss, beer and yoghurt is used to attach artwork of typographic and graphic nature in the urban surroundings. The particular in this is that it is living art, as the moss grows on the chosen walls, provided it is sprayed with water weekly. The artwork might be pretty impressive, as our photo gallery shows. Many artists also use typography in order to make political statements and poems known to the world. There are many videos and manuals on the web, which show how to make the glue used to apply the moss to the walls is produced. But we haven’t found a universal recipe. So you need to try for yourself. Some artists like Anna Garforth have already gotten some fame on the net.

Critics object, that moss graffiti is vandalism, but maybe this conflict between them and the city-embellishers will finally resolve itself, at the latest when vertical gardening on houses will belong to our urban image?

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