Christmas is not far away and Santa Clause is preparing his gifts for the holly night. So we have some suggestions you can put on your wishlist for Santa and send it to him immediately to the north pole.

1. Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn, than be a good good unicorn! Pillow from WEAREYAWN.

2. Keep Your Eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground. Typography mug from

3. Flip Clock talks german and shows you the time. Viertel nach acht means quarter past eight from Karlsson.

4. Clean your hands after a hard and heavy handlettering session with this Typography Soap from the soap lab .

5. Ambigram mat with the welcome site come in and the goodbye site go away from Sowaswillichauch.

6. Dodge and burn shirt with awesome typography ornamental lettering and more stuff for christmas on dodge & burn.

7. Believe it or not, whatever you think this is no real tattoo, but your friends will love it. Get this from Inklings.

8. Want to offer some chocolate to your graphic design friends. No santa clause but a real bite in a good word from Dynamo.

9. Letterpress letter or typography keychain this is what you can have with your perosnalized letter from Oh Albatross

10. Sometimes clients seem like idiots because they don’t know nothing about good design. Than help yourself out with this book from Nuuna

If this isn’t enough for you to shop, than wait for the second volume of typogrpahy christmas gifts on

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