swiss style font design? so simple yet so right

using Swiss-inspired fonts is a class act. this ultra-basic style provides viewers with a minimalistic yet powerful stance while also just being inexplicably aesthetically pleasing.

Ernst Keller, a Swiss design professor in the early 20th century pioneered the use of grids to create designs that fit perfectly into rectangular spaces. His students went on to influence the world of typography with the International Typographic Style movement.

the style has far-reaching influence and is used by designers in a broad variety of industries.

as designers we look at creative pieces for lines and symmetry or asymmetry if it makes sense. with the swiss type style, we look at it and it "makes sense". it's clean lines and minimalism make our hearts sing. as we look at the work trying to pick apart the flaws of it, we can't help but give up on our pursuit of critiquing. with the swiss style we are allowed to rest from trying to figure it out and just appreciate the simplicity.

for more info - here are some articles I found interesting.


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