the man, the myth, the illustrious - Mark Malta

"Hi! My name is Mark Malta, a front-end designer and 3D hobbyist. I was born and lived in upstate New York up until I was around 13. I currently reside in Orlando, FL. Full time, I'm Principal Designer at an agency called Purple, Rock, Scissors where I also split my time as a contractor for Facebook, working on interaction design for web."

This amazing artist shares his story of what he has had to overcome. "A few years ago I suddenly lost vision in my right eye. I spent 4 days in the hospital while they tried to figure out what happened, the condition is called optic neuritis and it never fully got better. Doctors aren't sure what caused it, but the brain does amazing things and my left eye makes up for what my right eye is lacking, but I do not take my vision for granted anymore."

The self-proclaimed ENTP says that he has always been creative. "As long as I can remember I've been creating or tinkering with things. When I was around 16 my dad helped me build my first website and I've been exploring mediums ever since." He works primarily in Cinema4D doing scarily realistic animation. When asked how he got started, he said, "I had always been interested in 3D. I have tried and gave up countless times, but around 2 1/2 years ago I decided to give C4D a whirl and just started watching tutorials and practicing. I made it a goal to try to open the software at least one a day and work on something."

Who are your inspirations? Primarily my friends, family and followers. They keep me going on this art project of mine. Creatively I'm visually inspired by music in a weird way. I love music with depth that can surprise me with new things I missed even after a hundredth listen. A good example of an artist that inspires me is Deadmau5, never afraid to try new mediums to elevate a creative experience.

Outside of direct inspiration from other artists I follow, and this inspiration I draw from even having a following in the first place (to which I am so grateful), music has always been a big inspiration for me. I love artists that push the boundaries and their message. There are two musical artists which are standing out to me right now through these difficult times. Caribou recently released "Suddenly", which is a beautiful album with a positive message. Second is Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. Over the years his music helped me through so many angsty teen years. Trent and Atticus Ross just released Ghosts V and VI, one comforting album and another for those darker moments. If someone told me 20 years ago that I'd listen to NIN to comfort my spirit during the most difficult time of our collective lives I would have laughed. I have such a deep respect for artists of all forms.

The Creative Process.

"I live with ADHD so it's pretty easy for me to get bored with something, this is pretty apparent if you scroll my Instagram feed. For my Instagram posts I try to complete an animation in an evening. When I'm ready to try a new concept I'll start broad and then refine piece after piece. I generally tweak settings to see how things look and try to reduce render times without sacrificing quality. Once I feel satisfied with a process I'll begin again on the next thing."

How do you handle being blocked? Having a creative block is both the most frustrating thing and most exciting thing for me. Even if I'm mentally blocked I'll open up C4D and just start throwing things around. I know that I'll eventually come across something that I think looks cool or exciting that I can get into. If that's not working sometimes I revisit old processes to see if I can branch off of those. His work

What is the most random project you have worked on? This is a really good question. I've worked on a lot of projects in my career, so it's really hard to say. On the art side, I recently had a visual used for about 30 seconds of a Tipper show, which is huge for me as a fan. It was pretty random but cool!

The father of two was also featured by Adobe on the splash screen for Dreamweaver. "It was kind of a full circle moment for me, having started my career using that very software in the early years."

Advice for New Designers

"Practice your craft, it took me a long time to figure it out but you will probably not be that great to start but don't give up and do what you enjoy. You will get better." Other things How is COVID-19 affecting you and your work? “COVID-19 is taking a toll on us all and I personally have my good days and bad days, but I know that art brings comfort to others and that inspires me press on and continue creating. I hope that I might inspire others to do the same.”

Thank you Mark Malta for your walking us through your process and inspiring us to keep moving forward!

Find him on instagram at @markmalta


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