Ina Saltz the author of Body Type 1 contacted us after showing the first edition of her amazing typography on skin, tattoo book. Here is a taste of part 2 which is more to typography than part one and therefor very tensious.

About the book

From Rimbaud to the Rolling Stones, from music quotations to life philosophies, declarations of love and deeply cherished beliefs to self-empowerment and self-homage, typography tatoos receal the connection of the body and the soul. The intimate messages in flesh include more than 100 inspirations how a body and soul could communicate with the outer world. Graphic designers, musicians, artists, people like you and me, everyone has something to tell with this black, red, white, coloured letters on their skin. Have a look what they like to say and maybe you get inspired for your next tatoo.

We can highly recommend this book, because for it’s success there has been a part two and the ideas in this book are very inspirating. Enjoy it!

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