Body Type intimate messages etched in flesh by Ina Saltz is a book about typographic tattoos. It has been first published by Abrams Image, a publishing company from New York. Ina Saltz teaches typography at the City College in New York and also wrote a column for STEP Inside Design magazine, she’s the author of “Foundations of Typography” on

About the book:

Celebrations of love, motivations and chosen words, personal recollections, quotes from Shakespear to Radiohead, homage and memorial and messages that are very personal, driven by emotions and feelings. Inspiring, socking and voyeuristic, Body Type is not only for tattoo aficionados but also for people interested in special typeforms. For Ina Saltz all began with spotting a young man with the word “happy” on his arm written in Helvetica. She asked him if he is a graphic designer and yes he was. When you are sensibilisized on a special theme, than you find more and more informations about it. Same happened to her as she saw more and more interesting typography tattoos in her daily life. Out of this she had to write body type.

If you are a tattoo lover and a friend of special typefaces, drawn on skin, than you will love this book and the awesome inspirations in it. If not, than have a look at it in a library. We always admire people for wearing something on their skin which is lifelasting and hurts while beeing drawn on it. At the end these people have a real work of art on their body and get to a piece of art themselfes wearing it.

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