A new book Buchtaben im Kopf published by Hermann Schmidt Verlag Mainz, reached us this morning. Written by Antonia M. Cornelius.

About Buchstaben im Kopf

Translated the title means letters in the head, what creatives should know about reading and how to arouse the delight in reading. Reading is an unbelievable achievement – have you ever thought about that? It is beside the wheel the most important invention from humankind on earth. Today we count it naturally but how is our brain reaching the abstract numbers and words? The complex processes while reading and the funding consequences for designers are described in this book. Is your font readable and for what exactly is it usable? Buchstaben in Kopf is bringing together neurosciences and psychology of cognition.

We recommend the book to all those who are more into the detail of font creation. Because if you like to design a font there has to be at least a good usability and readability.

By the book here

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