Since we have no time for cooking while we have to write a lot of posts and do researches for new themes all day, Zeixs sent us these awesome little helpers for making the meal fast and perfect. Zeixs Cooking Cards contain 52 artoworks and 52 recipes for making a better lunch or dinner time.

About Cooking Cards

Do you like cooking just as much as great illustrations? Than this case of 52 recipes froma simple cheeseburger, to tomatoe soup, to Lasagne, to a grilled salmon, to a classical roasted pork and many more. Packed in a white or wooden case you can hang them up on every wall and have a cool decoration for your kitchen. Made by some of the best illustratos like Sandra Hofacker, Simone Kestling, Lilly Tomec and 49 more. Only by the creative illustrations you smell the good aroma of the awesome dishes.

We love this idea and can only recommend the good taste of art and food as a must have for every designers kitchen and household.

Get the cards here from Cooking with Zeixs

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