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This weekend we reached a very cool book covered in grey and white with stamped glyphs on the front from Princeton Architectural Press. The book is about Abbott Miller and speaks of Design and Content. J. Abbott Miller is graphic design legend and partner at Pentagram. He studied at the Cooper union School and worked together a long time with Ellen Lupton.

About the book 

Many designers experience the split between hedonism of the eye and the obligations of function, message and content. Our profession is finding a compromise and a good solution for both parts. Not only to satisfy our designer souls, but also for thinking forward and to discover new paths. Abbott Miller has both, visual intelligence and intellectual construcivism, which can be seen in his unique works. He has the ability to take the profound knowledge and creativity, theory and respect of cultures to inform and to create. As a true example of modern design his work articulates lucidly and communicates elegant.

We highly recommend this book to graphic designers out there standing at the point where their design begins making waves and reach others easily. Not only because it’s a good design but it’s made with the power of design and content in their own special way.

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