Today we got this awesome book from Princeton Architectural Press about Louise Fili. It’s called “Elegantissima”, what means “very elegant” in italian.

Courious about it – we first discovered the hardcover with it’s ornamental and fine last century vintage style. It shows us a little bit how it is inside.

About the book

The book Elegantissima is about Louise Fili, one of the greatest typographers of our time. Conceptual ingenuity, visual flair and typography elegance are the best words to describe her work, as the Art Director of the New York Times Steve Heller once said. Louise Filli learned typography in two different ways, one was getting her hands dirty by just practicing every day, the other was learning and studying from great personalities such as Herb Lubalin. At the beginning of her own career at 1989 she had a lot of work experience in her pockets. Her beautiful elegant style not only came from her feminine site, indeed it was coming from the deep interest in italian packaging and decoration, in the way how beautiful the language sounds and how “dolce” sweet life good be there in the sunny country. A country were all things are made with little bit more love for the detail and for the things itself.

Her first projects were coporate iidentities for fine New York restaurants. Once realized that the business with the “Godfathers” of NY was another like in normal agencies today, she began to addapt to it with her awesome manner. After collaborating with some “Godfathers”, she started working with more reliable clients. Her ideas became more and more contrive with every CI and every restaurant. For example she fashioned the logo of Bedford Post to a postage stamp or for the Mermaid Inn she draw a mermaid with type in it and made a printed paper for covering the butter – Awesome. That’s the reaseon why she is an idol until today for many typographers and designers. Charm and capability with a fine extract of elegance and a sweetbread of love gives her artworks the special note.

We can highly recommend this book to all our typography fans and readers. Knowing and learning form mentors like her is a privilege we can never deny. If you want to know more about the book just visit Louise Fili’s site.

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