Hermann Schmidt Verlag Mainz sent us this fantastic new book called Everyday I draw at least one letter written and designed by Hannes von Döhren. He is a freelance typedesigner since he left his graphics agency in 2008.

About the book

There was a time Erik Spiekermann said, that there are so many typedesigner in Berlin, that there is no chance to get a foothold in the typography business with designing and creating new fonts. No matter of this Hannes dare to try it.

He decided to concentrate on discipline and focused his eye on drawing every day for at least one letter. Playing, setting and making always fascinated him. At least typography should become the sun in his universe and he succeeded with that thought.

Today he is one of the internationally most renowned typedesigner. As Erik says: “Hannes’ typefaces are a joy to behold and even more of a joy to use.”

While having this great reputation, awesome references, we had to have this book. At first sight, it is a really modern and fancy embossed printed hardcover artwork. But thanks to god this time the content is as good as it or even more interesting. We recommend this book to all designers who are amateurs and planning to start their career in the type business, to those who maybe have a crisis in searching inspirations and of course to those who just want to be inspired.

Get it here


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