Broken scripts and old lettering, mostly boring. But here comes the book of berlin based Designer Judith Schalansky called “Fraktur mon Amour”. She shows us a way how blackletters can be fashionable and stylish today.

About the Book

Fraktur mon Amour implies over 300 variation of blackletter fonts, ranging from historical to contemporary reinventions. Printed in a sensual, hot-pink prayer style the book has become a fetish object for international designers and typographers. Each blackletter has a dedication of two pages. On the left hand there is a design pattern or artwork made of the fontface shown on the right. A small sentence underneath the alphabet gives you a feeling how beautiful the letters float in line. The name of the font and foundry is written above the right side and you can also find them on the attached CD. Paul Shaw from the Eye Magazine wrote about it:”The fonts in Fraktur Mon Amour are a mix of the excellent, the important and the trivial. But this is surely one part of its popularity. Schalansky has brought blackletter to the people. The book is a bold and welcome addition to the sparse literature on blackletter”.

Now it’s your turn to find out what the book can. We highly recommend it to our fans, typographers and of course designers all around the world. A real must have in your bookcase.

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