Here it is the newest book about a highlight in the typography history – Futura – Die Schrift. Published by Hermann Schmid Mainz and written by Petra Eisele, Annette Ludwig and Isabel Naegele.

About Futura

Futura is about a new beginning in the history of mankind. It describes a new design era within the wild 20ies of the last century. From Frankfurt it conquered the world and influenced the most popular fonts of today, beginning with the bauhaus community to the new  construcitvism and the digital typography of today. Beeing the font of the economic miracle, it was also the favourite font in the raising Mad Men New York Numbers of banknotes and the diamant fever of James Bond are only some famous cases where it was used for. At least Futura was the first font traveling to the moon and back. This book is an aesthetical time travel back to the future. As this font is ever lasting like a rock designers will cincerly never stop using it.

We recommend this book to all the fans of Futura out there and all typographers looking for their own fonts to be published and hyped.

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